1998 Retaining Wall, Then and Now

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Avoiding Disaster Through Proper Design of a Raised Paver Patio

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Complex Paver Patio Drainage? No Problem.

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Rebuilding Block and Paver Steps

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Is Your House Rotting from the Inside-Out?

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You’re Gonna Love Our Pillars

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The Weather Outside Was Frightful

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Known The World Over, Believe it or Not

It's true that we're not the largest design/build landscape firm in the country.  We're not even the largest in the state or county.  We make no bones … [Read more...]

Step Building No-Nos

Every year we get calls from prospective clients across the Fox Valley in need of having their paver patio steps repaired/replaced, and before I even … [Read more...]

Hardscapes for New Construction Homes

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