Brick Paver Patios in Appleton, Wisconsin


Appleton Area Paver Patio, Grill Island and Fire Pit

While their popularity in Appleton and the surrounding Fox Cities has really grown in the last 30 years, brick pavers have been used in the United States for well over 100 years, and in Europe they’ve been used for city streets for hundreds of years.  Brick pavers have proven themselves, whether your goal is aesthetic beauty or structural integrity.

Paver Patio, Fireplace, Grill Island in Appleton, Wisconsin

Brick pavers can not only stand up for foot or car traffic, interlocking brick pavers have even been used at airports. Approximately 9 million square feet have been installed in airports around the world, where traffic weighing over 300,000 pounds is a daily occurrence. Brick pavers are an option that can stand up to almost any traffic that can be imposed on them.


paver patio low voltage lights

So now we know that brick have been used forever and can stand up to bare toes or the latest offering from Boeing. But let’s talk about design and installation. A brick pavement is only as pretty as the design that guided its construction, and only as durable as the base beneath it. To build your patio, walkway or driveway well requires both experience and craft. The staff at Stonehenge possess both.

brick paver patio with a fire pit and steps

To company owner Jeff Pozniak, beautiful hardscaping is like raising children. “Every client I have the pleasure of meeting, every site we’re asked to build a brick patio on, it’s like a child. You want that hardscape, that patio to become the most it can be in its surroundings. So you choose materials that compliment the home and tastes of the client, and place those materials on well-built foundations to make sure they stay beautiful and functional for years to come. I love the work we do like I love my children; all the same amount, but in different ways and for different reasons.”

Stone Inlay on Appleton Patio

Pozniak brings his nearly 40 years of hardscape experience to every project Stonehenge builds. Over-digging base preparation areas in width and depth, being particular about the crushed stone that’s used beneath the brick pavers, and about the compaction equipment that’s used to pack and harden that crushed stone are all hallmarks of a Stonehenge brick paver installation.

Please visit our portfolio to see a few of the projects we’ve completed, and contact us when you’re ready to take the next step in planning your brick paver project.