Arbors and Pergolas


Shade. Defining an entryway. A supportive structure to allow your honeysuckle or clematis to grow and bloom. All perfect reasons for an arbor or pergola built by Stonehenge.

curved arbor lintel

Every wood structure we build is a custom design, like the curved-canopy arbor you see above, because no two sites, no two sets of clients’ needs are alike.

And where other landscapers may cut corners on a cheaper grade of lumber or shallow footings not to code, all Stonehenge wood structures have footings that go at least 48” into the ground (below the frost line) and are anchored there with concrete. We use thick, rough-cut lumber that is both visually and structurally strong.

Attached Cedar Pergola

Whether your needs include shade, privacy screening or decorative entryway, with Stonehenge Brick Paving & Landscaping you are getting quality craftsmanship in an investment that will last well into the future. And like the rest of our hardscapes, it’s backed by our two year warranty.