Waterfalls and Ponds

waterfalls, streams and ponds

A water feature in your landscape has a profound effect on the overall look of the landscape, and can instantly change the mood of the person enjoying it. The same is true when you hire Stonehenge to install your waterfall or pond; we have as much fun building the water feature as you’ll have enjoying it!

We utilize a closed system of water filtration and circulation, creating a water feature that is its own ecosystem. This system of filtration and circulation is unobtrusive and quiet, with much of the components being hidden underground or underwater. We use high quality, high efficiency pumps, so that all you hear is the water. 45 mil thick, fish-safe EPDM liners are used in all our liner ponds. They are extremely tough, but very flexible, allowing us to make a pond of any shape or size. We use protective underlayments beneath the liner to protect it from any sharp objects. And maintaining a water feature like this is quick and easy, and you can even call us to handle the spring start-up and winter shut-down for you, if you’d like.

Whether the water feature is big enough to swim in, or so small you can cross it in a single step, Stonehenge Brick Paving & Landscaping can design and install this beautiful, relaxing addition to your landscape.