1998 Retaining Wall, Then and Now

It was around July 2016, I was driving through downtown Appleton with my family on our way to some activity for the kids, and happened to drive past a retaining wall project I’d long since forgotten about.

Right on the water, down on S Olde Oneida St, across from the dam tender’s residence was a retaining wall we’d built for the dam tender, working for the now defunct James River Co.  It took a couple glances before I recognized it, what with the “new” shed and its apparent recent modifications sitting where a car used to be, but there it was, that old wall we’d built to give the tender a personal parking deck.  As you can see in the picture above, we’d built the wall so long ago, the pictures I had of the project were taken back before digital cameras were a big thing.

While this project is far from the prettiest hardscape we’ve ever built, I wanted to share it with you, because I’m proud of the example this project is for our prospective clients, seeing the durability of a Stonehenge-built hardscape, nearly 20 years after construction.


~Jeff Pozniak