Is Your House Rotting from the Inside-Out?

Sun Prairie Jimmy‘s bad behavior notwithstanding, he says Spring is coming soon, and with Spring comes the construction season.  We’ll soon be warming up our trucks and tools and driving to jobsites around the Fox Valley, building beautiful hardscapes for our clients.

Part of what makes us the best at what we do is the details.  One of those details is making sure that what we’re building now isn’t covering over something that’s going to cause you problems down the road; specifically, rotten sheathing.  What you see below is a screwdriver.  In the sheathing of the home of one of our clients.

Check Sheathing Before Building Steps

If we can press a screwdriver into or through the sheathing?  It’s rotten.  And this is far from the worst we’ve seen – on occasion, when we remove the siding near a patio door to prep the area for a step of paver steps, we find sheathing so rotten we can literally push a finger straight into the interior of the client’s home.

Building steps next to that is just a bad idea, and will certainly result in headaches and expense later, when the steps have to be removed to repair the rotted wood.  At Stonehenge, as part of our regular construction protocol, we check the sheathing adjacent to where we’ll be building your patio steps or other structure.  And if it’s rotted?  We’ll alert you to the damage and can usually fix it on the spot.  And if the damage is extensive enough that we can’t fix it?  We can recommend people who can, so we can get your project back on track and your home back into structural shape.

Just another reason why Stonehenge should be the company you call.