Brick and Stone Paver Repair

Does your stone or brick paver patio look like a rollercoaster ride?  Or that it’s been left unattended for a good long while?  Thinking about ditching the whole thing and just pouring concrete? STOP!  Don’t do it.

Odds are we can take the materials you have on site, tear down and rebuild your pavement better than it was before (including design updates), for less than it’d cost to replace with something else (or something ugly, like concrete).

The most common reason a paver or stone pavement fails is inadequate base prep. This is often exacerbated by pavements laid in inside corners of home foundations soon after construction, where adequate compaction during the backfilling of the basement is very time consuming, therefore rarely done.

But whatever the reason for the condition of your brick pavers or flagstone, we can reuse those materials and repair or rebuild something even better for you.