Complex Paver Patio Drainage? No Problem.

For any hardscape contractor, the new construction properties are about as easy as it comes to provide proper drainage for something like a paver patio.  You have nothing but dirt all around and can shape the grade however you’d like.  And with a blank canvas, it’s as easy as setting a standard slope for the pavers, pitched away from the foundation, and there you go, Bob’s your uncle.

But what about those projects where there isn’t a clean slate?  Where an addition here and screened porch or detached garage there and now you have the potential for disaster, if storm water isn’t shed properly from your impervious pavements like brick pavers or flagstone.  Like the project pictured below:

Complex Paver Base Prep

In this base prep collage, each pink arrow painted above represents the direction the water will flow when it lands on the pavers in that area (that were installed atop this crushed stone base).  In all, the base prep for this project had 7 different slopes, to ensure that water:

  • Drained away from the house
  • Drained away from the seat wall we’d constructed
  • Drained away from the detached garage and 3-season room
  • Drained down to and then along the driveway
  • Drained away from the garage service door
  • Stayed within the narrow hallway between the back of the residence and detached garage

These are the kinds of projects where having experts in the field with decades of experience working for you pays dividends.  If Johnny-Come-Lately Landscaping, LLC were to tackle this project?  Who knows where the water would end up.  Experience counts.  The investments you’ve made in your property are too important to scrimp when it comes time to choose your landscaper.  Choose Stonehenge.