Replacing Rotted Sheathing

Sometimes you have to take a step backward before you take a step forward.  In the case of paver patio construction in Wisconsin, sometimes that means taking the time to assess the OSB sheathing beneath the siding where we’ll be building new steps or a patio.

Occasionally we run into a situation like we did below; when we removed the old deck from this North Appleton home, we discovered that most of the sheathing the deck’s ledger board was connected to had signs of rot.

It’s an extra step we take; a step that if we discover rot, may end up costing a few hundred dollars more than we originally planned.  But caught early, the fix is cheap.  Caught too late, the fix may involve structural parts of your home and run into the thousands.

We want to make sure you love our work for years to come, and this is just one of the many little things we do to help ensure that.