We offer masonry services in the Fox Valley!

One of the things that sets Stonehenge apart from the other landscaping companies available to you in the Fox Valley is our ability to include masonry in your hardscape project. Most every company you’ll find in the yellow pages can offer you a structure built from man-made, concrete block stacked on crushed stone (and don’t get us wrong, those are wonderful and we build them all the time), but very few have the ability to offer you a professionally built masonry project in house.

Paver drive in mortared paversAnd when you hire a company to build something special, don’t you want to hire a company that won’t steer you away from certain types of construction because they aren’t capable of building them?

Or maybe they can subcontract the work, but wouldn’t you prefer knowing that it’s the artistic hands of the company you hired that’s creating your hardscape and not subcontracted out to some company you’ve never heard of?

We added masonry to our repertoire of hardscape offerings over ten years ago, because too often we felt limited in our designs by the brick/block-over-crushed-stone options you’ll find at every other landscaping company in Northeast Wisconsin. We wanted to be able to offer our clients more. More aesthetic options. More structural options.

So if your needs include a mortared bluestone entryway or a brick-faced grill island or even a stone veneered indoor fireplace surround, Stonehenge can take your ideas from concept to completion, built with industry-best guarantees behind all the hardscapes we build.