Low Voltage Landscape Lighting

low voltage lighting services

Nothing can warm up the night sky around your patio and yard quite like the right landscape lighting. Weekend cocktails with friends and neighbors are more fun when you can enjoy them in a bright, warm, outdoor environment.

And the impression lighting up your trees and other plantings can have on your neighbors? Striking. It’ll leave them jealous.

Do you have wifi? Take your home office outdoors, overhead fixtures providing the warm utility lighting you need to read magazines, write notes or actually enjoy an evening of office work.

We use heavy gauge wire and professional quality low voltage transformers in all of our installations, mounted wherever is most convenient for you. Sometimes that’s in your basement with an outdoor photocell to tell your lighting system when to turn on and off. Or it may be outside, mounted out of the way, an adjustable timer set to turn your lighting off and on whenever you please. Or we can install a switch so your landscape lights function like every other light in your home.

And if you don’t have a nearby receptacle to power the low voltage system, we can do the rough-ins and arrange to have a licensed electrician install a new receptacle to power your outdoor lighting. We’ll handle everything to bring your property from dark and spooky to warm and inviting.