Seeding and Sodding

hydroseeding a new lawn

Installing a lawn is a lot like cooking a meal. You need to use quality ingredients, and they need to be mixed in the right amounts, and in the right order. Use cheap ingredients or ignore the recipe, and you’ll end up with something you’re not happy with.

One of the most important yet most neglected parts of seeding a new lawn is accurate grading. Every new home has on file with its city, town or village an engineered drainage plan to guide the builder and landscaper in grading the lot appropriately to shed water. Many landscape companies in the Fox Valley don’t use the engineered drainage plan, nor do they use any sort of laser to shoot grades so they know whether they are within the specs of the drainage plan. How can you tell who uses the engineered drainage plan and who doesn’t? Ask the companies you call how they intend to determine appropriate grades. The first sentence in their reply should include the words “drainage” and “plan”. If it doesn’t? Call the next company.

Why does it matter? If your yard isn’t graded according to the engineered drainage plan, you could end up with storm water pooling in your yard, or your neighbor’s yard, which can lead to the death of your lawn in that area, algae buildup, mosquitoes and very strained relations with your neighbors. What’s more, your municipality can withdraw your occupancy permit until the grade is in compliance.

Lawn Seeding

When seeding a new lawn we utilize a seed mix that’s perfect for Wisconsin lawns. It consists of a mix of Kentucky Bluegrasses, Fescues and perennial Ryes that provide early cover during the initial weeks of germination, and a long-lasting thick green as the lawn fills in. Our installation method is called hydroseeding, which is spraying a mix of seed, fertilizer, tackifier and hydromulch over freshly graded earth. It provides far better and more durable cover than straw or hay blown over a yard, with more consistent results.

Please note: We no longer offer lawn seeding as a stand-alone service. We’re happy to seed your lawn as part of a more comprehensive landscape installation, however. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Sodded Lawns

Don’t have the time and patience to wait 2 or more years to have a full, lush lawn? Sod may be the answer. We only use sod grown by professional local growers, and is installed in your yard the same day that it’s harvested. The sod has already been growing 2 years when it’s installed, giving you an ‘instant lawn.’ And we follow the same soil preparation and fertilizing procedures we follow for seeding. The impact on your yard is dramatic and immediate. So whether you want quick results or can invest some time into growing your lawn from scratch, we can handle your lawn installation project and get it off to a good start.