Retaining Wall Disaster In Appleton

If you’ve lived in the Darboy area long enough, you remember a time when the Target store off Calumet and Highway 441 was nothing but an idea and an open field.   But as the area grew, so did our need for shopping options, and the second Target to bookend the Appleton area was born.

Back then a retaining wall was built behind the store.  A wall that was destined to fail.  It wasn’t an ‘if,’ it was a ‘when.’

The thing is, the roadway behind the store had been built before the segmental retaining wall was, so when that wall went up just a few feet away from the pavement, standing in excess of 7′ tall in some spots?  It was clear there was no geogrid reinforcement, tying that wall to the soils it was retaining.

The wall would have to have been built first, the pavement second, atop the reinforcing geogrid and well-compacted stone and soil.  But since the road came first, there was no grid (without tearing up the pavement and re-excavating that area).  No grid on a wall that height, receiving heavy vehicle traffic like semis?  That wall was coming down.

And sure enough, it did.

We don’t intend to point fingers, other than to direct any prospective clients to the importance of selecting a hardscape builder that is familiar with the tech specs of the materials they use, and are versed in the construction methods needed to build sturdy walls of every size.

We’re one such hardscape builder.

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