Built-In Grill Islands

Masonry grill island in appleton

The days of your father’s old round Weber grill on the cement slab out back are over. Tastes change. Needs change. Who wants to be stuck indoors preparing a meal for guests when all of your guests are outside enjoying a beautiful day? In Wisconsin’s Fox Valley we don’t have a very long warm season, so we want to enjoy the outdoors as much as possible, whenever possible. Our built-in grill islands with heavy gauge, stainless steel grills with infrared rotisserie burners, warming drawers and cook tops give you cooking options you just can’t get with the big box, thin-gauge black grill on rollers of yesterday.

Grill Island Construction

Another built-in grill island constructed by Stonehenge!

Your style and material choices are wide open with a Stonehenge-built grill island or outdoor kitchen. Face brick or stone veneer mortared over a CMU structure, or an island built entirely from man-made block, with a countertop of limestone, granite or even stained concrete can bring your cookspace into your play space. Add a working sink and a built-in, outdoor-rated refrigerator and you can have the full experience of a meal, from creation to consumption, right there on your patio.

Top of page: Built-in grill with additional cooktop and Little Green Egg.  Masonry construction, with veneered natural limestone over a CMU structure, with 2 1/4″ buff limestone countertop.  Electrical and gas lines plumbed in.

Above right: Built-in grill constructed from concrete segmental retaining wall block with a bullnose paver as countertop.  Electrical line to power rotisserie run to island.