Natural Stone Hardscapes in Appleton

There are many imitations, but nothing is quite the same as natural stone.  The look, the texture, the mass of real, natural stone is something customers in Appleton and all around Wisconsin’s Fox Cities look for when they want that special look for their hardscape.

Limestone outcroppings, flagstone, clay brick ring with fire brick interior and ruby colored decorative stone detail to add fire energy to this space.

Stonehenge can handle projects as small as the one in your backyard to as large as this commercial project in Appleton,

We construct beautiful projects from all sizes and types of natural stone; limestone outcroppings, granite boulders, flagstone, split-faced lannon stone, and even some mosaics using various decorative stones.

Split-faced lannon wall stone and outcropping steps make this shoreline retention and retaining wall project pop!

waterfall finished

Our natural stone retaining walls follow the engineering best practices of the industry, as well as our stone pavements like patios and walkways.

Glacial Boulders – Limestone that’s been worn down over centuries, used in the retaining wall in Southeast Appleton

If you live in our near Appleton and won’t settle for anything less than natural stone in your landscape, please give us a call.  Or you can use our contact page.  We look forward to hearing from you.

Chilton limestone veneer over CMU structure for grill island, saw-cut limestone countertop, with cedar pergola, built-in grill and low voltage lighting