Neenah: Landscaping

When we started this Neenah landscaping project, the lot was thick with weeds.


And for a lot as big as this one was, over 1.5 acres, when grading has to be done, you need more than just a little tractor.


Just two houses down one of our much larger competitors was grading their clients’ lot. They didn’t have a copy of the drainage plan and we never saw a laser when they were working. This was the result. Stonehenge always grades according to the engineered drainage plan.


In a year or two the trees and shrubs at our client’s home were growing well and the lawn was thick and lush, while in a year or two the above homeowner had given up on having our competitor properly grade their yard and had a storm drain put in.


flowering crab, tree lilac and maples stand of birch trees and lawn neenah_landscaping_4