Menasha: Cedar Arbor


When we were contacted by this client, they had a slightly unusual request: their home was set just beyond the minimum setback from the street according to code, but they wanted a more finished looking front entry, preferably one that was covered. Anything attached to the house and extending even inches beyond the current face of the house would not be allowed by city code.

cedar arbor

The solution? A stand-alone garden arbor made from thick, rough-cut cedar and cedar mini-deck. The client had wanted to make changes to their front landscape and have a paver walkway replace the sinking concrete path that was in place, so we removed the existing, poured concrete porch and sidewalk, then built a sturdy cedar arbor that was right next to the home, but not in any contact with the home. Replacing the concrete stoop was now a small cedar deck that led to a tumbled paver block step, emptying pedestrians onto a new brick paver walkway.

arbor, deck, paver pathway

The arbor/deck provided the look and function the client wanted while still keeping the city happy, and the mortared paver veneer around the deck to match the new paver walkway completed the look.