Appleton: Waterfall

It started with the idea that this waterfall and pond needed to look natural. Unlike this nearby water feature where slabs of rough-edged limestone meet rounded granite cobbles, something never found in nature, this Stonehenge water feature would have limestone throughout.

ugly water feature

So we created the design for the waterfall and surrounding landscape.

design for this waterfall project

Some of the limestone outcroppings weighed as much as two minivans, so an excavator was needed to place them.

weir stones for waterfall placed via excavator

Adjustments in the stones were made to ensure a good fit.

stone modification with high-speed handheld saws during waterfall construction

Trees and other plant material was also installed in the landscape.

large trees planted around large water feature

And when it was done? A loud a lovely waterfall.

waterfall closeup

waterfall finished