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Our takeover of this Appleton Landscape started simply.  Take this front lawn with a few trees it into a landscape the customer can spend time in with friends and with her pups.  Our landscape design included many unique elements, including limestone megaliths surrounded by flowering perennials.


One of the first things on our landscaping To-Do list: plant those huge limestone slabs.  The smallest of the stones weighed just over 3,000 pounds, the largest approximately 6,000.  Our work there was profiled in the national landscape magazine Pro, as well as locally by the Post-Crescent in their Home section.


After the boulders were in place, the project began to grow.  We added pavers for an informal walkway toward the stones and began plantings.


The over-arching influence to all we designed and built in this Appleton yard was Japanese, like this ocean of astilbe with mountainous islands growing out of them in the distance.


And even the little details, like simple jute twine to stiff wire cradling a stone to weight one side of the flexible young branches of a white pine, to train it into a less perfect, less erect shape, reminds one of the techniques and materials used in a Japanese garden.


After successive seasons of planting and given the time to grow, the landscape began filling in.


appleton_landscape_3_11 appleton_landscape_3_10

Full and lush and sprinkled brightly with accents like the ginkgo leaf cutouts in the trellis in the background below, our work (in the front yard, anyway) was complete.