Appleton: Grill Island

before picture

For this Appleton residence we were called in to provide some fresh ideas for some issues with a fully developed landscape. Removed was an old pergola that had posts sitting directly atop the paver patio. The size of the old pergola and location of its posts did more than shade the area, it made the patio area constricting.

building grill island

The brick paver patio had been installed professionally but was showing its age, having settled noticeably in several places, creating issues with standing water and water along the foundation after rains.

And finally, they wanted to have a built-in, permanent structure for their outdoor cooking needs.

We started our work by pulling up approximately two-thirds of the existing paver patio so that it could be repaired, but also so we could run electrical and natural gas lines from the house to the grill island and set posts for the new pergola. With gas and electric lines buried and posts set in 48” on concrete we poured the slab for the built-in grill island and began mortaring up CMUs for the structure of the grill island.

appleton built-in grill installed

One of the things that makes Stonehenge unique in the hardscapes we’re able to construct across northeast Wisconsin is our ability to include masonry among the disciplines available to us on your property. We’re not aware of another landscaping company in the area that is capable of building masonry projects like this using in-house staff.

close-up of grillisland

Once the CMU base structure was up and richly hued limestone veneer mortared to that structure, it was time to mortar the custom limestone countertop and install the grill appliances, which included a 36” DCS grill and double side burner as well as a Kamado-style charcoal grill.

appleton patio, arbor and built-in grill island

The remainder of the patio and steps was repaired and lintels mounted for the arbor, making this project ready for the first thick steaks on the grill.