Known The World Over, Believe it or Not

It’s true that we’re not the largest design/build landscape firm in the country.  We’re not even the largest in the state or county.  We make no bones about it: we are a small company.

But don’t mistake small for inexperienced and not having influence across the entire industry.  Because of all the company representatives of all the landscaping companies you’ll meet in your search for the right one to build your outdoor space, you’d be very hard pressed to meet one with more experience and more influence in this industry.

Back in the Spring of 2003, Jeff Pozniak, President of Stonehenge Brick Paving & Landscaping, launched, a site created to raise the bar for landscape contractors across the country and across the world.  At the very moment this is being written, there are over 400 people from 35 different countries poring over the information presented on that site.  Some are DIYers.  Many are contractors, hoping to learn a new technique or perfect one they already use.

The site was born of the frustration of so many projects we saw that were done “professionally” but failed in the months that followed, giving fellow contractors and the industry as a whole a bad name.  And pointing fingers isn’t always helpful, so why not gather some of the smartest people in the industry to discuss, debate and explain their methods, that less experienced contractors might learn from, improving the industry from top to bottom, Northwest to Southeast and all points between.

Because of Pozniak’s work with Ground Trades Xchange he’s been flown to conferences and manufacturing plants to discuss, provide input on the state of the industry and how individual contractors might better serve their clients.

Through our work on the website these last 11 years we’ve coached literally thousands of contractors (including several bigger-named local ones) in correct techniques and methods for building enduring landscapes.

So, yeah.  We’re small.  But we’re really good at what we do.

Give us a call and see for yourself.